by Kim Mandel

There are still a number of False Friends -words that seem the same, but have totally different meanings

- that can confuse someone learning Spanish and even an unsuspecting translator. For example: CASUALTY is a victim of an accident. While CASUALIDAD is a coincidence. How many casualties were there in the plane crash? ¡Qué casualidad verte por aquí! CHOKE means strangle or blockage of the windpipe. CHOCAR is to hit or collide. Quick call a doctor she is choking on a piece of meat. El auto chocó con un bus. DELIGHT means joy or happiness. DELITO is a crime. What a delight to see you again. El ladrón cometió muchos delitos. DESTITUTE means a person who has no food, clothing or shelter. DESTITUDO means someone who is fired or lost his rank. They went brankrupt and became destitute. Fue destituido del directorio por mal desempeño en la empresa- DORMITORY is a bedroom. DORMITORIO means a university residence. The apartment has three dormitories. José vivió en un dormitorio cuando fue un estudiante universitario. DISGRACE is a person, act or thing that causes shame. DESGRACIA is a misfortune. He left the Army in disgrace because of his cowardly actions. Tuve la desgracia de perder a mi trabajo. MOLEST means to abuse sexually. MOLESTAR in Spanish is to bother someone. The movie producer was accused of molesting a starlet. No, me molestes, por favor. Estoy estudiando. NUDE signifies a figure that is not wearing any clothes. NUDO is a knot in Spanish. Rubens famous painting ¨The Fall of Man¨ depicted a nude Adam and Eve. Ella está tan nerviosa que tiene un nudo en el estómago. PARADE is a public procession in honor of someone or something. PARADA means a bus stop in Spanish. Every 4th of July a parade is held in honor of Independence Day. ¿Dónde está la parada para el bus que va al centro?